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Chilblains and Raynaud's phenomenon

Do you often get very cold feet? Do your feet turn purple during winter and feel very cold?

In simple terms, it is the restriction of the blood vessels in the foot. This causes reduction in the circulation that can cause reduced healing.

Symptoms and Causes


  • Feet constantly feel cold

  • Feet turn purple

  • Discolorations on feet ( red, blue patches on toes/feet)

  • Mostly affects extremities (i.e. toes)


  • Unknown cause- Idiopathic

  • Can be the body’s reaction to cold weather 

How we treat chilblains and Raynaud's phenomenon

There are numerous treatments for Chill Blains/Raynaud’s Phenomenon, since we tailor treatment for each individual patient it may vary from patient to patient.

How we can help:

  • Wax Bath treatments

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