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Diabetes Assessment

Diabetes Assessment

Diabetes assessments includes a vascular check, neurological check, footwear assessmnet and skin assessment. During your diabetes assessment, our podiatrists will discuss with you the do’s and don’ts that will help you prevent any further complications.

Vascular assessment can include: 

  1. palpation of pulses

  2. Doppler assessment 

  3. Capillary refill test

Neurological assessment can include: 

  1. Monofilament

  2. Tuning fork

  3. Temperature test

Footwear assessment:

  1. Shoes will be assessed for comfort and support to prevent any further issues to your feet

Skin assessment:

  1. Skin will be assessed for any corns, callouses and wounds that may be present

By following our advice and adjusting your living routine we will help reduce the risk of any further complications that may arise to your feet as a result of diabetes.

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