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Frequently asked questions

Answers To Your Questions

What is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a branch of allied health who specialise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the leg, ankle and foot disorders. These disorders include Arthritis, chronic illnesses such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease or peripheral arterial disease, sports injuries, skin conditions, paediatric conditions (growing pains), soft tissue and muscular injuries.

Do I need to have a referral to see a podiatrist?

In short, no you do not need a referral to be able to see a podiatrist. If you have any pain or a disorder which can effect your legs, ankles or feet then you can go to a podiatrist. You may also recieve a referral from your doctor or another allied health. If you do get a referral, please make sure to bring a copy of the letter to your appointment.

Do podiatrists treat kids?

Yes, Podiatrist are trained to treat all sorts of paediatric conditions. In fact, Children are one the major population that we treat. As kids grow, their bodies also grow and they can go through all kinds of changes, some of which can be painful and can have underlying sinister causes. Some of these possible origins can lead to life-long deformities. Kid shouldn't have to worry about pain when they're running jumping or playing that's why we aim to get them back to tip-top shape.

What can a podiatrist do for my diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic disease which can cause changes to the feet over time. In fact people who have diabetes can have altered or decreased sensation in their feet and their blood circulation decreases. Podiatrist conduct annual diabetes assessments which ensure that there are no degenerative changes are occurring, as well conducting regular checks on their feet as well giving education and advice regarding their feet and diabetes.

Is podiatry covered by my private insurance?

Private health insurance do cover health amenities such as podiatry. Every cover is different however depending on the level of cover you have with your private health insurance fund.

Why do I keep getting pain in my feet when I'm exercising, walking or running?  

There is a range of possibilities as why you might be getting this pain in your feet whilst exercising. This can range from anything between corns, in-grown nails, diabetes, arthritis, flat or high arches, plantar fasciitis or inappropriate footwear. The foot has a complex Anatomy with many small bones, ligaments and tendon which makes a diagnosis difficult.  In this case we will run a Biomechanical assessment to diagnose and treat your feet.

What is this heel pain I'm getting in my foot?

Heel pain can be many things from plantar fasciitis to heel spurs and anything in between. We can help get you a diagnosis to help treat the heel pain. we can help treat you through massage, taping, dry needling, appropriate footwear and orthotics.

What can I do for in-grown nails?

Ingrown nails can be a painful hassle to deal with on your own and it may lead to more serious problems if not treated. We can ensure that we treat it as painlessly as possible. We also offer more longterm solutions such nail surgeries to stop it from coming back.

Can my flat feet be causing my hip/ knee/ back pain?

Yes if you have flat feet then as you walk your feet and ankle will roll inwards causing pressure on your muscles which insert at the hips and knees. To compensate for this, your body will change your posture to accompany this. If left untreated this may lead to chronic back pain.

It's too hard for me to come to the clinic, can you come to me instead?

We understand that sometimes coming to the clinic can be too difficult which is why we offer home visits. A home visit may concur an additional fee, speak to one of our podiatrists regarding this and they will provide further information about home visits.

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