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Heel pain

Do you suffer from heel pain? is pain in the first few steps in the steps in the morning? if so we can help out at Super Foot Podiatry!

What is heel pain?

Heel pain is a discomfort that originates from the heel, and in cases can extend along the arch which increases the discomfort.Heel pain can be a result from many different sources. Usually, it is affected by your foot posture, walking habits and foot biomechanics. Non-supportive footwear can also become a burden and can stop you from going about your daily activities.

Symptoms and Causes


  • Pain present in morning steps

  • Pain present following extended period of sitting or laying down.

  • Pain present during and after activity


  • Abnormal walking style

  • Heel Spur

  • Tightness in muscles around heel

  • Reduction in range of motion in ankle joint

  • Pregnancy

  • Foot Posture (Flat feet are more susceptible)

  • BMI

  • non-supportive footwear

  • Standing, running or jumping on hard surfaces



There are many treatments that will help reduce and treat heel pain. However, since everyone is different, it is essential to create a treatment plan that revolves around your goals, needs and pain to get you back to your optimal self. 

Treatments include:

  • Orthotics: Customised or Semi Customised:

  • Orthotics help redistribute plantar pressures in your foot as well as providing support in the arches and many other areas

  • Taping/Strapping

  • Dry needling

  • Massage

  • Treatment Plan will vary to be tailored around your goals and needs.

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