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Ingrown nails

Have you had an ingrown nail or a painful nail infection?

Onychocryptosis or Ingrown nails often can cause infection if left untreated. Ingrown nails are very common and can have different causes. They initially present as sharp pain on the side of the nail that if left unattended can cause infection and increase pain. Podiatrists can safely examin the area and either remove the nail spike or discuss other treatment options.


Symptoms and Causes


  • Sharp pain around nail edge

  • Increased pain when wearing shoes

  • Increased sensitivity, swelling and oozing puss around affected nail edge


  • Nails cut incorrectly

  • Physical pressure/truma (such as kicking the ground, dropping something on your toe or someone stepping on your toe)

  • Increased curvature of the nail

  • Narrow shoes

How we treat condition ingrown toe nails

There are numerous treatments for ingrown nails, since we tailor treatment for each individual patient it may vary from patient to patient.

How we can help:

  • Triangular wedge resection of the nail

  • Partial removal of affected nail (Partial Nail Avulsion- PNA)

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