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Shin Splints (Medial tibial stress syndrome)

Do you have pain in the front of your shin? Is it painful around front of the leg when you walk?

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is an injury caused by overuse. It occurs when front leg muscles work more than they should which lead to tightness and pain.


Symptoms and Causes


  • Pain in front of leg before, during and after sports 


  • Muscle Overuse 

  • Reduced motion in ankle joint

  • Tightness in calf muscle

How we treat Shin Splints?

There are numerous treatments for MTSS, since we tailor treatment for each individual patient it may vary from patient to patient.

How we can help:

  • Dry needling 

  • Stretching & Strengthening

  • Dry-needling and massage

  • Customised orthotics

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