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Find out more about what could be happening to your feet


Heel pain

Do you suffer from heel pain? Is the pain present when you walk? We can help you here.

Ingrown nails

Do you suffer from pesky ingrown nails that give you pain? Do they keep getting infected or are stopping you from doing your every day chores? Find out why ingrown nails happen and how we can help you?


Heel Spur

Has your heel pain been described by your doctor as a heel spur? Find out more about how what it is and why it's causing you pain, and how we can help you!

Knee pain

Have you been experiencing knee pain whilst walking, running or exercising? There could be many factors causing your knee pain, read more to find out how we can help your pain.


Sports injuries

Do you love playing sports but hate getting pain? Getting pain while doing your favourite things can ruin your fun? Find out how we are help manage your pain or even prevent it

Flat Feet

Flat feet can seem harmless from the outside but from the inside there is more going on than meets the eyes. Find out more about why you could have flat feet and how we can treat them


Callus and Corns

Is there hard skin on your feet? Does it get painful after standing it on your feet all day? Find out more how you can stop it what we do to help you out

Plantar Warts

Are you a swimmer or do you use the showers at your gym? Do you have a spot on your foot that can painful? Find out what it is and what types of treatments we can do for you.


Morton's Neuroma

Do you get numbness or tingling in your feet? Do you get pain in your when you're wearing your shoes? Read more about what could be happening with your feet.

Chilblains and Raynaud's Phenomenon 

Do your feet get extra cold during the winter? Do the end of your toes go white when it is cold? Find out what could be happening with your feet that could be causing this?

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Limb Length Discrepancy (LLD)

Do you ever feel as if one foot is taking on more of the body than the other? Are you getting back, hip pain or knee pain? You could have have one leg longer than the other. Find out more on why this could causing your pain and how we can help

Shin Splints

Do you have pain in the front of your shin? Is it painful around front of the leg when you walk? Find out why this is happening


Achilles Tendinopathy

Do you suffer from pain above the heel? Do you feel your calf muscles are very tight? Wondering why you're getting pain find out more


Do you have pain in your joints? Is it painful when you walk? What could be happening in your feet? Find out more here!



Do you have diabetes? Is it under control? Have you seen a podiatrist before about it? Find out how seeing a podiatrist about your diabetes may help your feet

Arthritis pain

Do you have Arthritis? Starting to feel the same type of pain in your feet? Want to find out how to stop it from progress it further? Find out more



Do you pain in your big toe joint? Is it painful when you walk or stand? Has your toe been moving inwards? Find out more about how to stop it from progressing?

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